We welcome your input if you can add to our knowledge of the Tress’ of Upchurch and Lower Halstow, Kent, England.

June R Maitland (nee Reid)

Researcher and Site Author

For updated information please refer to our Tress-Reid-Maitland Family Tree on Ancestry

Other Publications by June R Maitland

The Tress Story, The History of Richard Tress and Sarah Broughton from Kent, England and their Descendants. Pub. 1991.

The Reids of Willoughby, The history of James Reid and Mary Barker from County Derry, Ireland and their Descendants. Pub. 1995.

The Lees of Deniliquin, The History of Henry Lee and Catherine Archibald and their Descendants. Pub. 2000.

One of Seventeen, The History of Henry Leggett and Charlotte Whiting and their Descendants. Pub. 2006.


N. B. I would like to disassociate my approval of the method of  establishing Online websites that allow for others to add to a particular family tree.  This method can lead to compromising the Integrity of the Data Base.